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Commercial Deck Oven Series

Deck oven is the backbone equipment for a bakery, helping produce a high volume of food quickly due to their high temperature and often times their size. We have both gas and electric profession deck ovens, which come in a variety of sizes, including single, double, triple decks to maximize the producing capacity. Moreover, we offer customization service with low MOQ.

Product Model:


Product Features:

1. Automatic temperature control system: Equipped with famous brand temp probe, help control temp ceiling and bottom of single chamber precisely, independently

2. High Efficiency: Each chamber, both ceiling and bottom are equipped with 6pcs heating element, heating evenly and quickly

3. Durable construction: Stainless steel plus double glazing explosion-proof front glass, with 7cm thicken glass fiber, not only durable but also good for heat preservation

4. Various models available: Rich experienced in-house R&D team develops various models to meet different requirements from customers

deck oven detail

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