Commercial Hamburger Baking Machine Series

With years development, we launched several models of hamburger making machine, in this double layer batch bun toaster series, you can find economic type and smart type which with AI control panel, these are hot cakes in the market, as the price is affordable while the cooking efficient is high.

Product Model:


Product Features:

1.Upgraded design: Durable stainless steel structure, easy clean and maintain

2.Non-stick spatula: Coated with Food grade Teflon, preventing burn bun

3.User friendly: Visible and audible alarms signal toast cycle is complete

4.High compatibility: With adjustable bun thickness controls, not only hamburger bun can be heated

5.Digital multifunction: Built-in preset menu digital control panel (optional)

6. Various models available: Rich experienced in house R&D team develops various models to meet different requirements from customers

burger toaster detail (1)
burger toaster detail (2)
burger toaster detail (3)
burger toaster detail (4)

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