ASQ-D35pro smart deep fryer

Smart Electric Deep Fryer Series

After years R&D, we launched AI Smart Fryer series in the early 2021. It is innovation with purpose: makes operators and crew’s life easier and save cost! It comes with preset menu helps standardized the meals, while lower the qualification of operators. High quality, elegant outlook, smart automatic, multifunctional, easy use, fast heating, precise temperature control, these are some keywords from our customers for this series.

Product Model:

Product Features:

1. Easy control panel: One touch to make various tasty foods, no need to watch and wait

2. Ultra precise temperature control: Only +/- 1℃ different to the setting temperature

3. Energy saving: fast recovery with energy conservation mode(keeping oil temperature around 80℃ helps reduce heating time)

4. Melting function: allow the fryer use solid oil directly

5. Elegant outlook: made of high-gloss mirror stainless steel, anti-corrosion and rust-proof, easy clean with one wipe

smart fryer detail 1
smart fryer detail 2
smart fryer detail 3

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