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ITO is a China’s professional manufacturer in commercial kitchens, producing more than 300 varieties of high quality advanced equipment of cooking and warming, snack, bakery and refrigeration & beverage solutions for QSRs, restaurant and franchise.

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ASQ-D35pro smart deep fryer

Cooking Equipment

We produce a wide range of cooking equipment suitable for commercial kitchen.

In this range, you can find griddle, fryer, cooking range, bain-marie, steamer, food warmer, bbq grill, hamburger machine, rotisserie etc.

Beside these, if you need any OEM or ODM service for cooking equipment, you’re welcome to contact our team freely, as we have our own R&D team in house, your inquiry will get our highly attention.

sanck equipment popcorn machine

Snack Equipment

For snack equipment, we produce popcorn machine, hot dog grill, oden machine, waffle machine, fish ball grill, souffle maker, cotton candy, waffle, tokoyaki, oden machine, mini puffing snack machine and so on.

We covered different requirements for those who want to offer some special snack, in other words, these machines are very good choice for small vending business.

With in house R&D team, OEM and ODM service is warmly welcomed.

bakery oven

Bakery Equipment

We understand what equipment need for running a bakery, we have almost all equipment to create delicious baked goods, from dough to baking to display, including Toaster, Deck Oven, Pizza Oven, Convection Oven, Combi Steamer-Oven, Mixer, Proofer, Baking Tray & Rack.

If you have your own design requirement, contact our professional sales team any time. With strong backup from our factory, we’re here to make your ideas come true.

integrated ice maker 1

Refrigeration Equipment

For commercial refrigeration equipment, we offer great selections, such as Ice Maker, Freezer & Chiller, Cake Showcase, Ice Cream Machine, Fried Ice Cream Machine, Juice Dispenser, Slush/Smoothie etc.

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If you got your ideal product in mind but didn’t find in our web, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more info.

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